Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get to know Ms. Handegan

Charleston, South Carolina designer, "Amelia Handegan " is hands down one of my all-time favorites.
She is recognized by her extraordinary use of color. She can even make me like blue . . .

Her rooms have a comfortable elegance , but remain full of drama as well.

Be sure to check out her retail store, "Amelia" next time you visit the beautiful city of Charleston.

Even her flower arrangement can make one stop and take notice . . . I remember seeing this in a magazine. I tore it out for my files and continue to collect pictures of her work. So tell me, "Would you invite Amelia to brain storm in your castle?"


  1. Very Elegant! You must have a great file-I enjoy your posts.

  2. * You're soooo right, Vicky!~~~ Richly & calmly elegant, but very inviting, too! (NOT an easy task for MOST of us laymen/women~ sometimes it's just so hard to "mix" those two things, but the PROS do it SOOOOO WELL!!!)~~~

    And yes, I will be meeting the 9:00 flight tomorrow a.m.~~~ if she's AVAILBLE! (Grins!).

    Gotta run~~~ Must REDO the entire house if THIS LADY is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs n' THANKS,

  3. (Note: Just went back to see her pics again, and YES~~~ absolutely beauuuutiful color choices!!!)~~~~~ XOXO

  4. the third image is one of my all time favorite covers ever - S.A.

  5. Thanks for sharing these beautiful samples -- question about the blue room. Is it a painting of a dress or an actual dress mounted on that wall? Stunning either way, but I was just curious
    joan k.

  6. joan, I think it is a painting, but I am not sure either. I love it either way. Sorry I have not been getting back to everyone, but I have been extra busy. This is my busy time of the year with my own garden and those of others. Please forgive me.

  7. Lovely post as I have come to expect from you, one of my all time favorite names is....AMELIA,so yes,I would let her in!! Hope you have a great weekend, talk soon,Chrissy

  8. two things that i absolutely love, im in awe with how large the art work is above the sofa, i think its fantastic. As they say, go big or go and that bedroom really really needs to be mine. thanks for sharing vicky

  9. Classy, elegant..she has my blessing to spice up my interior!
    Love those big art pieces.
    Have a lovely weekend with your family and loved ones!

  10. I would definitely invite her, for decorating ideas and for the inside scoop on the Charleston design scene. My new book is set there--and it's got a designer in it. LOL Her rooms are elegant. Loved the photos! Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend, V.

  11. Lovely....I do love the flowers in the fave!

  12. thanks for the skirted roundtable comment - Linda did talk about small paintings - her tip was to place them close enough so that you can see them - not up on shelf or too high up on the wall where you can't see it.

    Have a happy Memorial Day weekend!!!


  13. Not only would I let her brainstorm in my castle, she could have a tornado and I would be delighted. Great post Vicky!