Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Christmas Card . . .

Lace asked me to take a few photos of my favorite subject in hopes of making a great "Christmas" card . This was the winning shot ! Such pure, unfiltered JOY.

BUT this one was pretty cute too . . . it was not easy to pick the best shot.

And just so you don't think I only take photos of Tate . . . a friend asked me to take a few shots of her favorite guys. I would love to have taken this little angel home. . .

I found that older children are not as easy as the babies. This young man was like... "enough already". My tip , for getting a great shot . . . TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES !

Is this what I have to look forward to ? Christmas Card 2016 . . .


  1. Too cute if I must say so myself!

  2. all of your "elements" are mine, too
    including tater bugs!

    we have four now

    here's to many more for you
    cheers darling
    always love seeing your name pop up

  3. You are SUCH a lucky have such delight in your life. Enjoy and cherish!

  4. Love all the photos, but so precious of your little Tater-bug and his sweet and au natural smile which I believe they call ... a Duchenne Smile in photography? The latter you would know more about than me, but as a Mother browsing through old photographs I've learned; it is not wise to teach your child to say 'cheese'. :) -Brenda-

  5. Great pictures...all of them but my favorite is the first one of Tate ~ so adorable. I totally agree with you that the best way to get a good portrait is to take lots and lots and lots of pictures...thats one of the things I love about my new camera it allows me to do that very easily. (-:

  6. Oh Vicki what a little doll, that picture is soooo perfect for a Christmas card!!! Merry, merry Christmas to YOU and YOURS,KATHYSUE

  7. Beautiful shots :) I agree on your favorite. Totally precious!

  8. What great pictures! Don't you just love taking pictures of children!

  9. what an adorable little sugar plum! just precious! all those pictures are pretty darned cute - you are really wonderful with your camera.

  10. Your little grand is such a darling little fellow! Soooo cute! It is difficult to take photos of older children, every time I try to, they start posing and that destroys it every time.
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. * Oh goooodness, Vicky, how can one's HEART choose ANY special child... Ohhhhh how PRECIOUS they all are~~~ what blessings their parents havve TRULY received!

    mISS YOu! lOVE,

  12. You captured the perfect Christmas picture of your little guy. He is so cute, I think all of his little photos must be wonderful. Those eyes are delicious!!!
    The older kiddos are cute too - love the last one!

  13. A child's smiling face is something to cherish forever. I just love that smile.

  14. Wow, just love those precious smiles at this age, absolutely adorable!!! So how have you been Vicky? I was checking out a back post and i completely agree, i too love simple window treatments. Too much for me, feels like too much
    take care girl

  15. Thanks everyone ! Hope you all have great Christams Cards too...

  16. They are very lovely!!!

    Have a nice weekend!

  17. Tate is such a precious little boy! Your photos are wonderful. Merry Christmas!