Saturday, June 18, 2011

The End

You know how one post can sometimes lead to another . . . well this is one of those post. My last post showed a large sofa at the end of a bed, it became the focal of the space rather than the bed it's self. Some commented that they liked the sofa, just not at the end of the bed. That got me thinking . . . I thought about using a chest at the end of my own bed for a time, but I did not. How do you like a chest at the end?

This is a show room, but I have seen stools at the end of beds . . . is this more to your liking?

I tried to buy one of these for my guest room, but it was already SOLD . . . now I am glad I did not get it. I feel it would have messed with the flow of the space.

How about some extra storage at the end ? Soft enough for sitting . . .

This is what I ended up with at the end of my bed . Yes, a dog bed. I don't think I will be changing it anytime soon. So how about you guys, do you have anything at the end?


  1. I did have a chest at the end of my bed. The plus side was that I sometimes I sat on it. The minus side was it made the room look smaller and I broke my toe hitting it. My toe won out and the chest is in another room now.

    Mrs. Ben thanks again for fixing the google problem.

  2. Sometimes the thing at the end of the bed can look lovely at first. Then SOMEONE, not mentioning any names of course, decides it is a great place to drop off a few things, then PILE a few things.....then all of a sudden it doesn't look so lovely anymore and becomes a point of contention. The moral of the story is: Stick with the dog bed, especially if it can look like Michael Smith's dog bed!! Oh, and I will take his entire bedroom, too - crazy for that fabric!! As far as that goes, I'll take the dog, too!!

  3. Like yourself Ms. Vicky at present, I too have a 'dog bed' at the end of the bed. In lieu of a chest, two upholstered bench seats and even a fainting settee the choice of my piece actually got smaller as the dimension(s) of the bed including its Headboard increased.

  4. I wanted something soft to sit on at the end of the bed. I had an old Piano bench, so I painted it white and then I covered the top of it with a cushion and some pretty fabric. It is small enough that we won't bump into it, but it is a collector of sorts! Not good!

    Have a great Fathers Day!

  5. I have a chest at the end of mine. I also have a bench at the end of a guest room bed. I love the blue bench. Kathy

  6. Vicki I have an upholstered cedar chest at the foot of my bed and I love it for sitting on, throwing things on, and blanket storage. It is light in color and just flows with my bed, so I like it at the end,Kathysue

  7. I have a victorian settee at the end of my bed and the shape of it mimics the shape of the french footboard. I love it! And I don't care if others think it's too bulky (It probably is *winks*) I use it to sit on every day to put on my shoes. So in my case beauty and function.

    I think all of the images above work...It's just whatever floats your boat lol! Vanna

  8. I like benches, trunks, storage cubes, chairs all kinds of things at the end of the bed. If it is done right, most anything looks good. Even a dog bed can look good if done tastefully, and if the dog is cute!:D
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. I have seen sofas at the end of the bed and I like it if it is the right size. I like benches and ottomans too. I think if you like it go for it. I see Candice do it all the time and I love it. Hugs, Marty

  10. I think it depends on the space and size but most anything can look good. As long as it doesn't become a dumping ground for husband's laundry and other junk :P

  11. Like you we have two dog beds at the end of our bed.
    One for Max our choc lab and one round for Fergus our westie.
    It's easy to scoot them under the bed when company comes by. The beds that is, not the dogs.

  12. I want an ottoman for the end of our bed, but I need a different dresser. Right now it just wouldn't work - Scott would bump his legs on it everytime he got out of bed ... which, come to think of it ... may not be so bad! LOL!

    I took pics of my pergola all dressed up this afternoon (with the 2 hour lull in the rain), and I REALLY hope you'll stop by and take a peak! :)

  13. I love all of these options at the end of the bed - it adds another layer of interest and the seating comes in handy when getting dressed too. :) Just found your blog and I love it! I'll be back!

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